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Feel Colder, Faster.

Cool Down The Smart Way

Whether you're on the go, or at home, cooling down has never been easier and more convenient.

Cool down to 10°c in 3 simple steps


Soak Towel

Wet the towel with hot or cold water until soaked.


Wring Towel

Squeeze out the excess water, it doesn't need to be dripping!


Shake Towel

'Snap' the towel with 3 good shakes
to get the air flowing through the fabric.

Perfect for home use or workouts

Customer Reviews


I love these cooling towels, both for me and for the dogs. They're handy for helping you get to sleep on hot nights too, as they don't make the pillow wet!


Kristin L.

Customer Reviews


Does what is says! Brilliant for warm weather or exercise, cools you down really quickly.

Matthew G.

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